Emerging Healthcare Collaborative in New Orleans, LA

In the United States, healthcare spending is second only to defense. Why? People get sick, and in response, innovators seek to create new technologies and processes to help them get better. This makes healthcare a stable industry in which to invest. It consistently outperforms the market and healthcare investments often trade at 10 – 15 times EBITDA multiple.

However, many investors shy away from the healthcare market because medical technology is foreign and hard to comprehend. A healthcare collaborative focused on startups and emerging technologies is essential for New Orleans to connect investors and innovators to bring new advances to market.

A Non-Profit for Medical Innovators and Investors

Emerging Healthcare Collaborative (EHC) focuses on bringing the latest healthcare advances to market by connecting innovators in the medical field with investors. As a physician and successful serial entrepreneur, Tarun Jolly, M.D. found that innovators – the medical professionals coming up with research and new technologies – often struggle to clearly communicate the economic value of their discoveries to investors and secure the necessary capital to bring their ideas to market. Utilizing Dr. Jolly’s unique expertise in bridging the gap between innovators and investors in his own business practices, EHC aims to create a culture of medical entrepreneurs who leverage the resources of the business community to create solutions that elevate the healthcare standards of patients.

Investor and Innovator Opportunities

Emerging Healthcare Collaborative has launched a series of networking and educational opportunities. A monthly series of investor luncheons equip key business stakeholders with the knowledge and connections necessary to invest and grow their capital in the future of New Orleans healthcare. Similarly, innovator networking opportunities give healthcare leaders the language and strategic connections they need to communicate their economic value to investors and move research innovation forward to bring products to market.

Emerging Healthcare Collaborative is located at 643 Magazine St, Suite 402, New Orleans, LA 70130. For more information and upcoming events, please visit EHC’s website.